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Self-reflective Competency Lab

Developing coach competencies: 1-day interactive workshop with Annamária Barnóczki and Domonkos Hollósi

Date and time of the workshop: 14 November 2018, 9:00-17:00

Venue: Óbudai Konferencia- és Rendezvényközpont, 1037 Budapest, Bokor utca 23-25.

Participation fee: 45.000 HUF/person, 36.000 HUF/person (gross) for EMCC and ICF members

Coach kompetencialaborWhat happens in the Competency lab?

  • Participants will learn the theoretical and practical aspects of EMCC and ICF coach competencies, how to notice, identify and confidently level them in their own coaching sessions.
  • We will work competency by competency, putting the accent on own experience, to assure that new information is transformed into practice.

  • Identified levels of competencies will be followed by practicing and reflections, then participants will have the opportunity to try and practice at a new, higher level.

  • The workshop – with its strong intensity - puts the accent on brave experimentation, strengthening of success, by own experience and practical learning to integrate knowledge into own operation.

Who do we expect at the Competency lab?

We expect practicing coaches, who

  • have a coaching education,
  • coach at a high awareness level and want to further increase their awareness,
  • are devoted to continuous learning,
  • want to develop along their coach competencies,
  • want to take a further step in their coach identity,Coach kompetencialabor
  • are preparing for their credentialing with EMCC or ICF, EMCC: EIA level; ICF: ACC, PCC or MCC level.

Should you recognise yourself in one of the above points, we look forward to becoming a participant of our learning group! Register today to assure your participation!

What can you expect as member of the Competency lab group?

  • Structured, real development based on own experience and practicing.
  • Hard, self-reflective work, which aims to be integrated into immediate operation.
  • A lot of lab practicing, analysis, strong raising of awareness and actively coaching.
  • No “watching the film”, no relaxing, rather a tiring day.
  • A company of similar, committed colleagues, who want to develop their coach identity.

 Sample lab elements as appetizers

  • Live coaching sessions and their analysis, everyday developing of coach competencies.
  • "Going public" client exercises: we show what is going on in the client during the session.Coach kompetencialabor
  • Building relationship at different levels, trust – self-confidence, tolerating intimacy, increasing and releasing pressure. Conscious shifts between levels in practice.
  • Inner tools of a coach; how I use myself as a coaching tool.
  • Going deeper, bravery, intuition, confrontation, as tools enhancing learning and transformation.


Competency lab Information

Date / time: 14 November 2018, 9:00-17:00

Venue: Óbudai Konferencia- és Rendezvényközpont

Address: 1037 Budapest, Bokor u. 23-25.

Participation fee: 45.000 HUF/person, 36.000 HUF/person (gross) for EMCC and ICF members.

The participation fee includes refreshments (coffee, drink, cakes) served in brakes, but excludes the lunch and parking fees.

You can park in the neighbouring streets in payable parking zones. There are several restaurants, cafes around the building.

The workshop earns 7 CCEU points.

The maximum number of participants is 12. We accept applications continuously. You can ask questions by using the message panel. We will send our answer to the e-mail address you give in the panel.

You can apply for the Competency lab by filling the application form.